‘Murica Trash Bash

Every year we throw a 4th of July party. It’s usually just a low key BBQ but this year I wanted to do something different. Something funny. And so the ‘Murica Trash Bash was born! We wanted to have it be themed after all those die hard Americans that just LOVE their country and all the other things we Americans seem to adore! It was so very tongue in cheek so it was hilarious!


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Teaching a Toddler: G

This week was easy to pick the theme and letter. Since it was Grandparent Day yesterday we had our theme be Grandparents, our letter was G and the color was green. For our G activities we played Hid & Seek with her giraffe. I hid her musical giraffe and turned on it’s music. Then she went searching for it. She found it pretty dang quickly so we played it several times and she stayed invested in the game the whole time. WIN! We read Go Dog Go and also played outside on the grass, which led us to our color activities.
hidden giraffe

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