Thanksgiving Freebie

We have a problem at my parent’s house. Leftovers come into their home and when the owner comes back, so excited to devour their savory item, it’s vanished. The thief in the night is my brother and he doesn’t discriminate, dessert or half of a pasta dish, it doesn’t matter he eats them all. We knew he had a problem when Scott and I dropped them off some frosted dog cookies from Dog Bakery in Park City at my parent’s so they could give them to our family dog, Ernie. My mom woke up the next morning and there were the dog cookies sitting on the kitchen counter with one half eaten cookie beside it. My brother came upstairs later that afternoon and made mention of the terrible cookies that somebody had left. He was the only one not crying with laughing after being told he ate a dog cookie! We thought that would teach him some manners on respecting people’s leftovers but so far no luck. I made these to give my family in hopes that it’ll deter him just a little bit when it comes to the holy grail of leftovers…Thanksgiving! I’m not holding my breath though. In case you too have a leftover thief in your house I thought I’d offer it as a Thanksgiving freebie! Just right click and save it as a full size. Enjoy those leftovers!
Thanksgiving freebie printout


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