Edible Turkey Centerpiece

 I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year. We’re having an adult table and a kid’s table so I need two very different kinds of centerpieces. I saw something similar on Pinterest that I thought with a few tweaks would be a perfect, fun and not to mention delicious centerpiece for the kid’s table! Now for the easiest tutorial. I started by melting down chocolate chips (I’m sure everyone knows this trick already but if not…if you don’t have a double broiler pot just stick a glass bowl over a boiling pot of water to melt your chocolate) and then once the chocolate was a smooth consistence I dipped and rolled all the pretzels and placed them on wax paper to cool. I used various kinds of sprinkles to give texture and color. Walmart has one that has several different colors and textures all in one container. I popped them in the fridge to set the chocolate for 20 minutes.pretzels

I grabbed a vase, filled it full of M&Ms (orange for legs, brown for the feathers and yellow for a dash of color) I also mixed in whoppers to give some interest and bulk. Stuck the pretzels in for the plume and added eyes, beak and feet from scrap book paper. It took me all of 30 minutes and I think the kids will love it!



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