Till Death Prep

My husband and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage this October! Every Halloween we throw a Halloween party. I’ve always wanted to do a vow renewal at 10 years but with it so close to Halloween I didn’t want to throw 2 parties. Instead I had the idea of combining our annual Halloween party with the vow renewal and thus our Vow-lloween Party was born! It’s a corpse bride theme and everyone will be coming in costumes! I can’t even stand how excited I am for this party but man I forgot how much work a party of this magnitude is! We just delivered the invitations so I can finally put them up!IMG_0159

Everyone got a box along with their invitation


Remember my forest of fingers post? This is the final result and what was inside!


Our doorbell has been ringing daily with items being delivered for the party, including this skeleton cat to join our skeleton dog. Zoe wonders if it’s a message I’m sending to her about her fate if she brings one more live vole into my house and tells it to seek it’s fortune!!


I can’t wait…for it to be over (SO much work and stress) but no, really I can’t wait to see it all come together. I can’t wait to see my finished dress, our daughter in her costume, all the decorations put together, all our friends and family in their costumes! I also can’t wait to take that night to focus on us, much harder to do with this little one in our lives. I can’t wait renew our vows! It’ll be such a fun and magic night doing it this way!!


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