Activity Days: Giddy Up

I got released from Activity Days earlier this month. It was pretty bittersweet, one on hand I’ll be glad to spend more time with my husband and daughter but on the other I’ll miss the girls and I’ll miss the creative outlet it gave me. For my last activity I planned the Mother/Daughter activity as a cowgirl theme. Since they’re 10 years old we had a bit of fun with the food. They couldn’t stop giggling at the cow pies. 😉


Then they did a potato relay race. The girls had to get from one end of my yard to the other with a potato in between their knees. Then they had to pass them off to their moms who had to get back to the starting point. If the potato dropped they had to start over. The girls loved it…I’m not so sure about their moms! 😉 The other game we played was a version of the Newlywed Game. If you’d like the list of questions I used contact me and I’ll email them to you. It was hysterical seeing all the answers they came up with but I was very impressed with how well they knew their moms/daughters. I think that was the favorite game! I’m really going to miss my sweet girls!



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