60 & Sensational

It was Father-in-Law’s 60th birthday yesterday so we rang it in with a big surprise party! A week ago Jessie and I took the girls to Riverdale and got a bunch of decorations for the party from Zurchers…my favorite party store…Scott’s so happy it’s not closer to us or we’d be very poor. We put up SO much tape for the decorations, I think I’ll be finding pieces of it well into the New Year.


Our food spread. Older than dirt pudding cups, sugar cookie bars with purple and black sprinkles and his RIP cake.


This did double duty of party decor AND keeping the kids from going into the basement!


We were able to get Scott’s entire family together, minus 3 grand kids. No small feat!


We played a really fun game. We took Sid’s birthday year and then I gathered inventions, food, and events all together. We’d read them aloud to everyone and they’d have to guess if it was older or younger than Sid. It was so hysterical and a few of them were quite tricky!


Happy Birthday to you….60 & Sensational!!



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