Activity Days: Cupcake Wars

I had my first activity back since I had Brielle. I thought it’d be a fun activity to do Cupcake Wars. I baked these cool colored cupcakes. The first round they had 10 minutes to create 3 of the yummiest cupcakes they could think of. I had a bunch of different candies, nuts and pretzels that they could use.

The second round was 15 minutes and they had to decorate 4 cupcakes in the prettiest way they could. The third round was also 15 minutes and they had to decorate their cupcake box that they’d take their cupcakes home in.


They worked quickly and hard. Scott was nice enough to be the tasting judge. 😉 cupcakes2After they were done with each round I went through and did the “judging” and at the very end of the activity I awarded the winners. They all got a prize though, I found cute silicon tea cups that made individual cupcakes. They loved them. They also chose one cupcake each and we put them in a separate box and gave it to a family in the ward. I think it was one of our most fun activities to date and I’m so happy to be back with my cute girls!


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