My Little Pony Party: Games & Favors

After we watched the new My Little Pony movie we went outside for some games. We started out with Bobbing for Apples. The person who got their apple out in the quickest time won an Apple Jacks pony. They all loved getting soaked and every single one of them dunked their whole head under water trying to get that apple.


IMG_4537 IMG_4493Next up was the 50 Yard Dash. The fastest runner won a Rainbow Dash pony. Ajax also insisted on Dashing

IMG_4494 IMG_4562 IMG_4492Our last activity was locked away under the gazebo. We made them stand in front of it and when we pulled the curtains back and we told them they’d be designing their very own My Little Pony there was literal screams of joy…from the boys. Haha!! They all ran to their spot and got started. I had found these white ponies online from Hasbro so I got one for each of them and they had to paint them, give them a cutie mark and come up with a name for their pony. We just used regular acrylic paint.IMG_4566 IMG_4569It was a HUGE hit! The newest Ponies in Ponyville!IMG_4589As they were leaving we gave them their favor bags.  IMG_4585This was what we gave them plus their plastic pony cup from lunch and of course their designed Pony. I got most of the favors from Zurchers but the bags from Shindigz. (They’re on sale right now!) I had leftover sparklers from a previous 4th of July party. The rest I got from Walmart. IMG_4507It was so much fun, I think one of the best parties I’ve ever done. All the boys kept telling me how awesome everything was and how much fun they were having. And every single one of them came up at one point or another and gave me a huge hug and thanked me for “throwing such an epic party!!” I’m so lucky to have such fun little nieces and big nephews that always know how to make me laugh. I just adore them to pieces!!


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