Monster Bash

Today was filled with Monsters! In the afternoon we had a Monsters University Party. This was the school package everyone got in the mail congratulating them on being accepted to MU as well as their student ID card that allowed them to get into MU after the movie. IMG_4597

After the movie (which was darling and just as good as the first one) we all went to Monsters University where we met our school greeter at the door who checked our ID cards. IMG_4048A few Fear Tech students tried to get in but they were quickly stopped and only Monster University students were admitted.IMG_4060We had lots of gross grub at The Growl. I got the furry blanket, toys, napkins and plates at Wal-Mart IMG_4054

I got the materials to make the Monster pop cans and signs from Hobby Lobby as well.IMG_4055Including mini monster sandwiches IMG_4062After we had lunch it was time to get down to business. We had 4 students that were in the Scare program and the had to work really hard to prove they would be good scarers! They started out creating their inner monsters. I bought all the craft materials at Hobby Lobby. IMG_4063 IMG_4079And then they had to show that they were stealthy. They had to pin the MU logo on the Fear Tech’s mascot. Easy right? Not when you’re blindfolded. Then it was time to study. All the print offs were from Disney’s websiteIMG_4080 IMG_4082 IMG_4081They all put forth a monster of an effort and graduated from the Scare Program and were awarded their diploma. I found something similar online but ended up needing to make my own in PhotoshopdiplomaWe gave Hailey and Addie their own monsters, MU flags and monster blankets (which had doubled as decor) to take homeIMG_4085 IMG_4089Love my monster nieces!IMG_4087 bright


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