Scott and I had a fun date last night. I put this in his car the night before, hanging on his mirror, as his invitation and hint of what we’d be doing. It was pretty easy to make, the balloon is plastic and I got it from Hobby Lobby as well as the basket that I just cut the handles off and sewed string into the basket and attached it to the balloon. Then I got scrapbook material for the decorations and glitter for the letters. And because no Wizard of Oz theme would be complete without Poppies…I got those at Hobby Lobby too.

IMG_3269The actual invite. Technically, this quote is from The Wizard of Oz but since there is a yellow brick road in this movie as well I thought it could count.OZ1He needed something to get him prepared to visit The Emerald City

IMG_3264The top of the can says; The Emerald City is closer and prettier than ever! The movie was SO good!! I really loved getting a back story about the wizard and the wicked witch. It’s a definite purchase!




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