Duck Dynasty Date

The new season of Duck Dynasty started tonight so I thought it’d be perfect for a mini date!

This is the invitation Scott gotThe Hunt small sizeIt wouldn’t be a Duck Dynasty date without a beard so he’d fit in with the Robertson clan. So I set out to make him a beard that they’d be proud of IMG_3210I started with a long piece of ribbon and cut long pieces of yarn, created a loop and brought the ends through and made a knot on the ribbon. Easy and I made this in 20-25 minutes. IMG_3211And it came out exactly as I was hoping!! It looks SO much like their beards! IMG_3209My dad came over to pick me up so he could help me load up a new entry table that I bought and I gave him a little surprise when I came outside like this. Bet he never thought his daughter would have a beard that put his sons’ beards to shame. Haha Duck2Scott looked so fetching with his burly man beard that I couldn’t resist giving him a little kiss IMG_3217Ajax even got in on the fun. IMG_3220These lucky ducks were our centerpiece IMG_3223On the show they’re fans of squirrel meat and frog legs but we’re not quite there yet so we settled on more traditional Southern food of cornbread, ribs and pulled pork. IMG_3222 IMG_3221And then we settled down to watch the premiere and we laughed and laughed! It was a fun mini date and I think the beard will be making random appearances from now on…don’t be surprised if you see it in our next family pictures!


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