Geektastic Birthday

Since I was sick on Scott’s actual birthday we had to postpone his party and any type of celebration. So I wanted to give him a do over birthday. He ran some errands and came home to this. That’s how he knew his do over birthday had begun! And I apologize for the vast amount of pictures in this post. 🙂DSC_0719

We had a “Geektastic” party for himDSC_0696So of course we had to dress up! DSC_0801And thankfully everyone else did as well!DSC_0785 DSC_0783 DSC_0790Side Note: I paid my brother $5.00 to keep this picture as his Facebook profile for a week. Worth it!DSC_0778

Instead of a cake I had made a million square sugar cookies so everyone could decorate their own “app” cookie. It was SO fun to see what everyone came up with!DSC_0817DSC_0829DSC_0832DSC_0831And then my birthday boy blew 28 candles out!DSC_0839It was such a fun party, one of our most fun parties to date I think! And I’m so glad I got to give Scott a do over birthday!! Happy birthday to my favorite geek!!


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