August 2013

My Little Pony Party

This was the Hat that started it all. Early in July we were hanging out with Scott’s sisters and one of their kids Payton was wearing this hat. We were told that there is a new trend going around of boys loving My Little Pony and they’re called Bronies. So I was teasing Payton and asked if he wanted to come to my house and watch some episodes of My Little Pony and he freaked out! As well as 4 other nephews. I was totally joking and said I’d throw them a Little Pony Party but they got so dang excited I didn’t have the heart to tell them I was kidding. So the Pony Party was born

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My Little Pony Party: Games & Favors

After we watched the new My Little Pony movie we went outside for some games. We started out with Bobbing for Apples. The person who got their apple out in the quickest time won an Apple Jacks pony. They all loved getting soaked and every single one of them dunked their whole head under water trying to get that apple.


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