Moana Party

See the line where the sky meets the sea

It calls me…and we can’t believe

Brielle’s turning Three!


My daughter, Brielle, is obsessed with Moana so it was only obvious that’s what her birthday party theme would be! I wanted to bring in as many tropical touches as possible to invoke the island feeling. The best way to do that was COLOR! Hot pinks, oranges, bright greens and of course, brilliant turquoise were scattered through our venue as well as flowers and palm leaves. This is another picture heavy post but if you wanna take a trip to Montunui settle in!

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Harry Potter Dinner Party

In my family we’re serious students of Harry Potter so it was only natural to have a Harry Potter Dinner party! Now, word of warning…this post is extremely picture heavy so grab a stein of butterbeer. You’ll be here a while. The first thing my guests came into was the potion station.

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‘Murica Trash Bash

Every year we throw a 4th of July party. It’s usually just a low key BBQ but this year I wanted to do something different. Something funny. And so the ‘Murica Trash Bash was born! We wanted to have it be themed after all those die hard Americans that just LOVE their country and all the other things we Americans seem to adore! It was so very tongue in cheek so it was hilarious!


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